LIFELINE, communication platform for fast, direct and secure group communication

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Push to Talk for 4G-5G without compromise

Users and teams communicate seamlessly, in real time and supported by a wide range of familiar functions from (Tetra) portable and mobile radios. Superior audio quality, ultrafast call setup time, unique functions and the use of existing accessories, Lifeline has the flexibility to be everything from a simple communications app to a scalable platform for large teams. A single talk group, multiple talk groups, conference calls in one platform and at the push of a button.


The Lifeline platform is a 100% Dutch development, so you can rest assured that no technology from countries with a reputation for involvement in cyber crime has been included.


Towards the technology of tomorrow

There are countless other push to talk apps, and there is Lifeline. Lifeline has been developed to enable the transition to push to talk over 4-5G without having to compromise on the essential, tried and tested functions of (TETRA) portable and mobile radios. In other words, Lifeline builds a bridge between the current standard and the future with functions that connect seamlessly to existing work processes.

Push to Talk App

Developed for the demanding user

There are countless other push to talk apps, and there is Lifeline. Not just any push to talk app but developed in conjunction with the user on the front line. Lifeline enables the transition to push to talk over 4G-5G without compromising on the essential, tried and tested functions of (TETRA) portable and mobile radios. In other words, Lifeline builds a bridge between the current tried and tested standard and the future with 5G technology. The Lifeline PTT app offers a wide range of unique functions, and superior audio quality.

Conference Call

In a conference call talk group, an unlimited number of participants can participate in a discussion by means of an open connection. With a simple push of the PTT button, the user can enter into an active conversation and can also exit with the same ease. Multi group mode allows you to keep up to date with what is going on in the other talk groups, and you can also see what is happening in the background in the other talk groups.

Alarm function

In emergency situations, a user can report an emergency to colleagues and the control centre at the touch of the button. A single press of the emergency button will activate the alarm function and inform colleagues and the control centre. From then on, all recipients will hear what is happening on site, the location will be displayed, assistance can be started and help brought in.

Accessory Programmer

Lifeline accessories have been developed to align with the needs of users and their work processes in the best possible way. For certain work processes, it may be desirable to change specific settings. The Accessory Programmer allows users to set up, program and link accessories to the Lifeline platform.

Individual call

The contact list can be used to set up one-on-one calls. The users concerned can then communicate with each other in a one-on-one conversation without the intervention of third parties. In urgent cases, the dispatcher can intervene in one-on-one calls.

Radio controller

Lifeline offers its own unique Radio Controller which allows TETRA portable radios to be operated remotely via a smartphone or tablet. The portable radio and Lifeline are operated using a single device.

Push to talk for 4G and 5G without compromise

Mission-critical and business-critical processes rely on good, reliable connections.


Accessories for Lifeline

Designed for optimal function and operation

Accessories are an integral part of Lifeline as an end-to-end solution. The accessories are designed to ensure the optimal operation of all necessary functions. Much attention has been paid to the connection and reuse of specialist and often expensive portable radio accessories. Users can use their familiar audio accessories without compromising on call quality.


The LP-1 enables wireless operation of the Lifeline PTT app. This PTT button, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BTLE), lasts for up to two years with the readily replaceable button cell battery.

  • 1 PTT push button
  • Automatic pairing with Lifeline application
  • Adjustable range
  • Adjustable (own) ID)
  • Programming is retained even if battery is replaced